REVING the Word is a coached Christian workout perfect for running, walking, interval training, or moving your body.

Today, we're bringing you a brand new REVING the Word coached by Katrina Canfield, Executive Director of Communications and former Lead Instructor here at Revelation Wellness. Friends, this episode is as honest and as vulnerable as they come, and we know you will be blessed by the tender message Katrina has for us today. 

Katrina reminds us that in the hurt and pain of rejection—just as Hagar experienced in the Bible—there is a God who meets us with a radical love that heals the wounds of feeling like we've been rejected. Hagar met God in Genesis 16:13, and said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” Just as Hagar experienced, may this episode remind each of us who have walked through the pain of rejection that we are seen and deeply known by the One who sees us.

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A Thousand More (Live) - Thrive Worship

I Ain't Worried - One Republic

Pump It Up - Endor

Next Level (featuring Soul Glow) - LZ7

Runaway (U & I ) - Galantis

Back in Your Heart - Jr. J

I Am Fearless - Easy McCoy

Finale (Netsky Remix) - Madeon

Just As Good (featuring Elle Holcombe) - Chris Renzema

Lay It All Down - Will Reagen and United Pursuit


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