REVING the Word is a coached Christian workout perfect for running, walking, interval training, or moving your body.

Today, we're bringing you a brand new REVING the Word coached by Alisa Keeton, founder, and CEO of Revelation Wellness, as she leads you through a spicy Tabata workout that will light your heart on fire. Alisa is teaching on Luke 24:28-32, and this one will have you desiring more of Jesus like those who encountered him on the road to Emmaus.

Friends, we are made for community, so we'd love for you to join us at our April 2023 Rest + Rebuild Retreat in beautiful Lake Geneva, Minnesota. You’ve told us you miss the days of in-person events, and we are SO with you! We’ve seen bodies, minds, and spirits come alive when we come together in person. And can we just tell you there's a place for you here? Come and find the transformation Melissa found at Rest + Rebuild.

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Dancing Feet (feat. DNCE) - Kygo

Beyond Beliefs - Ben Böhmer

Breakn' a Sweat (Zedd Remix) - Skrillex & The Doors

God I Look to You - Bethel Music

Genesis - Justice

Forgiven - Bethel Music

The Cup of Life (The Offical Song of the World Cup) - Ricky Martin

Jesus We Love You - Bethel Music

O Mighty Ones (feat. Catherine Mullins) - Ramp Worship

Who Cam Compare (Live) - Mary Kat Ehrenzeller


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