You need to listen to this episode in this brand-new year! Today, we're digging into the science of food and our body with our new friend, Dr. Kari Anderson—and light bulbs are going to go off! Friends, don't miss out on this conversation before launching another new year's diet. There is so much good information here as Alisa and Kari unpack how our nervous system (especially fear) plays a big role in how we approach food, and Kari breaks it down in a way that makes sense in a fresh and insightful way. 

Kari brings with her not only her own experience of overcoming an eating disorder but has worked over 30 years as a clinician and licensed therapist helping others get free. Kari has a Ph.D. in Behavioral Health and has published two books, Eat What you Love, Love What You Eat for Binge Eating, and her memoir, Food, Body and Love: But the Greatest of these is Love. You can connect with Kari on Instagram @myeatingdoctor or on Facebook at MyEatingDoctor.

For Revelation Wellness listeners, Kari's also offering 50% off for her self-paced course that offers an approach to overcoming binge eating that is compassionate and science-based. Use the code RW50 for the discount. You can register by visiting Kari's website.

Want to go deeper with Revelation Wellness? The sign-up for our brand new program—Food is Not the Boss of Me is still open! If you've ever been curious about intuitive eating, let us walk you through learning to trust your hunger and fullness cues and see your body as God sees it. Click here to get registered: Food is Not the Boss of Me!

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