This REVING the Word is great way to train your heart while you train your body anytime you go for a run, walk, hike or anytime you move.  

Let Alisa lead you in this coached workout as she teaches on Jesus' final 'I Am' statement found in John 15:5. You'll hear her share why staying connected to Jesus is the source of abundant gladness of heart found through abiding with Him— in fruitful and pruning seasons.  This one will encourage and breathe fresh fire on you!  

If you're looking for a way to move your body, join us in our brand new faith and fitness program, Walking the Words of Jesus. You'll spend 21 days with us drawing closer to God through the gentle act of walking while hearing His words. We're convinced something really powerful happens when we come together and seek the heart of God and model Jesus, who walked with his disciples everywhere he went in his ministry.   

Walking with scripture brings about transformation in our bodies, minds, and spirits when we pray and move at the same time. This program only takes 20 minutes a day, and the renewal that comes will revive your heart and draw you into worship.  

Walking the Words of Jesus begins June 13 and you can get signed-up until June 9 with any donation amount. Click here to register --> Walking the Words of Jesus  

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If you're near Mebane, NC, join Gather and Walk  

Listen to Take a Walk on the podcast  

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Diamonds - Sam Smith (3:32)

Luminous - Andre Aguado (3:31)

Ain't Nobody (Remix) - Chaka Khan (4:24)

Firm Foundation (He Won't) - Maverick City Music (8:45)

Water Is Wild (feat. Chris Brown& Brandon Lake) - Elevation Worship (7:44)

Sweet Mercies - Jeremy Riddle (6:25)

Into The Deep (Live) - Chitipoint Worship &  Chardon Lewis (5:26)

Stand In Your Love (Live) - Bethel Music & Josh Baldwin (4:09)

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