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Thanks for joining us for this episode of the Revelation Wellness Podcast! Today, Alisa teaches how the outside world actively affects your body. In this episode, she helps unpack how psycho-neuroimmunology is a Biblical principle of the integration of body, mind and soul rooted in Mark 12:28-35 that tells us to love the Lord and then to love others. She explores that when we are loved by God and are content and in peace with ourselves, we then have the psycho-immunology that holds peace both internally and externally and helps us maintain health and wholeness.

As you heard at the beginning of this episode, walking with the Word of God is a great way to start integrating your body and the outside world for better health. To join us on this 21 day journey, sign-up now for Walking the Words of Jesus!

Here are some more great resources that help unpack the benefits of walking:

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