Today we're landing on a topic that we need to be talking more about—body image—and we're so thankful to have a licensed therapist and trusted friend, Rachael Gilbert, walk us through this. Rachael shares her own story of dealing with body image and shame and helps us begin the journey of restoring how we see ourselves. As you'll hear, it almost always comes down to trauma.

Listen in as Alisa asks Rachael the hard question we've been thinking—can I love my body and want to change it? You'll come away from this conversation with a deeper revelation of how God sees you and with a greater sense of hope for how you see your body. 

Rachael is not only a graduate of Platoon 13, but she leads a popular module on body image in Revelation Wellness Instructor Training, and we're so thankful for her and the message she carries! You can check out her new book, Image Restored: Tear Down Shame and Insecurity to Experience a Body Image Renovation. You can connect with Rachael at

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