Enjoy this REVING The Word podcast/workout. Push play the next time you go for a walk, run, hike, bike or anytime you plan to move your body. Each podcast leads you through a coached workout while speaking God’s word over your life and is supported by inspirational music. Check out www.RevelationWellness.org for more ways you can use fitness as your tool to train God’s love. 


My Way - Clavin Harris

Don't Stop Believing - Journey

Breakn' A Sweat - Skrillex and The Doors

Set Me Ablaze - Byran & Katie Torwalt

History Makers - Plumb

Worthy Of It All - David Brymer & Onething Live

Great Are You Lord - Casting Crowns

Hallelujah - Emmanuel Live

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These Reving The Word "Be Still & Be Loved" broadcasts are dedicated to training your heart and soul in the art of rest and stillness. Learning how to be still and rest is crucial to any well rounded physical fitness program and even more so to our faith. We can not give away what we don't have. Be still and know that you are loved.


Beutiful - Ryan Farish

Insabelline - Bethel Music

Oceans  - Bethel Music

God of Miracles - Chris McClarney


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