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In this episode:

Fitness coach Adam Braud's here shooting straight on why it's time to prioritize our health as followers of Jesus—and as you'll hear, it's not about having enough time.
After years of watching those in ministry make excuses for not caring for themselves, Adam became passionate about helping leaders learn to have value, vision, and strategy for their whole selves.
You'll hear Adam's story of how weight training took hold from age 14 and why he's passionate about teaching others why getting strong matters in Kingdom work. He breaks down the term fitness and unpacks why we're called as followers of Jesus to steward our bodies well for our calling. He also talks about how men and women train differently. So, men of Rev, listen up! This one's for you too!

Adam loves people and fitness and is passionate about training the whole person. You can connect with Adam at www.adambraudfitness or check out his ebook here.

For more resources, you can also read the book Alisa mentioned in the episode, Exercised.

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