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Today, you get to move your body with Alisa in this faith-filled interval workout. This one will draw you closer to Jesus as your heart, mind, and soul integrate by moving to Mark 11:20-26. There's a lot to learn from the lesson of the fig tree, so let God move in our hearts as we move our bodies.

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Canned Heat - Jamiroquai (5:32)

Euphoria - Luca (3:38) 

JOY (Unspeakable) (feat. Pharrell Williams) - Voices of Fire (5:12)

Breathe Me (Mylo Remix) - Sia (6:26)

Brian Wilson (Live) - Barenaked Ladies (4:45)

You Say - Orphan No More Co (4:28) 

Cry Holy - Salvador (3:54)

Trust in God - Elevation Worship

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