Hey friends! Alisa's here today with artist and author, Becky Strahle, talking about the practice of seeing beauty in the everyday. Becky shares how her journey began out of a struggle with depression which led her to pick up her camera and start noticing the little things. Listen in as Becky helps us learn how to find God in the seemingly small moments each and every day we often miss because we're busy or distracted.

Friends, let's all make looking out for the beautiful ordinary a practice! If this seems hard, Becky invites us to ask God to open our eyes to wonder— we can start by taking walk!

 Go check out Becky's beautiful devotional filled with gorgeous and colorful art in her new book, Seeing God in the Sweet Ordinary. It's not only a delight to read, but it will be such an encouragement to you as you begin to practice beauty.

Becky's not only an author and artist, but she's also a graduate of Platoon 27! You'll get to hear about her unexpected journey of becoming an instructor and how this was part of Becky's journey of trust and obedience.

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