We have waited a long time to have this guest come on the show, and WOW is it worth it! Get ready to be blown away by our new friend, Jon Tyson, who is sitting down with Alisa to talk about how to stay hungry for God and not hungry for the things of this world. His heart for God is like a flame that can't help but spread! This one will challenge you to look at the areas in your life that might be diminishing your hunger for God and replacing Him with the things of this world.

Jon Tyson is a church planter, pastor, and author who calls New York City home. He has a heart for seeing renewal and revival come to the Western church. He is the author of Sacred Roots, The Intentional Father, Sacred Roots, Kingdom Values, The God You Long For, and others. He is the lead pastor of the Church of the City New York.

Check out Jon's book, The Burden is Light, one we think will speak to the Revelation Wellness community as we seek to be a people free from striving and performance. You can also listen here to his teaching, God Comes Where He's Wanted.

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