REVING the Word is a coached Christian workout that's perfect for a run, walk, interval training, or anytime you move your body. We have a brand new REVING the Word today coached by Revelation Wellness Educator and Platoon 25 graduate, Adrienne Edge. 

Today, Adrienne is going to lead you through an endurance workout where she encourages you to move with boldness as she unpacks Matthew 16:19 and the keys of the kingdom. You'll leave this workout with a fresh understanding of what those keys unlock and why this matters to you!

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Church (feat. EARTHGANG) - Samm Henshaw (3;48) 

Shackles (Switch Remix) - Mandisa (2:57) 

Glorious - Martha Munizzi (5:58) 

Different Drum - Blanca (3:29) 

The Comeback - Danny Gokey (3:11)

Millionaire (Good Like That) - Tauren Wells & Kirk Franklin (2:55)

Right on Time (feat. Tobymac) - Aaron Cole (3:19)

Jericho - Transform (2:34)

Jireh (fea. Chandler Moore & Naomi Raine - Elevation Worship & Maverick City Music (9:58)

Disclaimer: Due to our music licensing, the content of this podcast is not intended to be downloaded, only streamed.

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