REVING the Word is a coached Christian workout that's perfect for a run, walk, interval training, or anytime you move your body. Today we're releasing an interval workout coached by Adrienne Edge. Not only will this workout get your heart rate up, it gets your hopes up too!

As Adrienne reminds us, when we forget who we are in Christ, we aren't living in the fullness of our identities rooted in Him. Often this can look like stress, anxiety, and worry. As part of our Project Stress Relief series, Adrienne walks us through why being rooted in Him changes us from the inside out.

If you're tired of feeling tired and overwhelmed, then we'd love to invite you to join us to dive deeper with us into Project Stress Relief! This 21-day challenge is for anyone who needs to experience a reset in their body and mind the way God intended by practicing the peace of Jesus. The program begins September 19!

Still not sure if this challenge is for you? Then head over to our website to find out which type of stressor you are by taking our Project Stress Relief Quiz. And the best part is that when you find out your stress type, we're here to equip you through Project Stress Relief to stop living stressed out and start living with the peace that Jesus promised each of us.

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For all of the details and to get registered, go to => Project Stress Relief.

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Glorify - Jordan Feliz (2:57) 

What If - Matthew West (3:43)

Turn Down For What (In the Style of DJ Snake & Lil Jon (3:35)

Ready Set Go (feat. Capital Kings) - Royal Tailor (3:29) 

Good Feeling - Austin French (2:55)

Chasing After You - Vashawn Mitchell (6:24)

This Is Not a Test (Capital Kings Remix) - Capital Kings (2:35)

joyful - Dante Bowe (2:17)

Me on Your Mind -  Matthew West (3:59) 

Fear Is Not My Future - Brandon Lake & Chandler Moore

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