Thanks for joining us for this episode of The Revelation Wellness Podcast! Today we have a brand new teaching from Revelation Wellness Educator Leah Fruth, who is here asking the vulnerable question: "What do your trials say about you?" Leah invites us into this question to explore how we handle not only the big trials life throws our way, but the little challenges we face each and every day.

Leah asks that when we face trials, are we turning to God in prayer and with hope? Or is our response one filled with frustration and grumbling? If you too can relate, you're not alone— and that's why we're training our bodies, minds and spirits up through Project Stress Relief. As Leah shares, hope takes training. Let's be a people on mission training up our peace and hope for the struggles we face.

Join Project Stress Relief and get the tools you need to begin walking with more freedom and the fullness of joy Jesus came to bring.

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