We have a brand new REVING the Word for you taught by Alisa Keeton, founder of Revelation Wellness. REVING the Word is a coached Christian workout that's perfect for a run, walk, interval training, or anytime you move your body.

Today, she's continuing in her new series on the parables of Jesus and is teaching on the the lost sheep found in Matthew 18. As she unpacks this beautiful story, Alisa will challenge both your heart and your body with this Tabata workout. It's a different workout from our typical endurance, so get ready to push today with an EPOC (Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption) training.

We'd also love to invite you to a free webinar— I'm Never Going to Teach a Fitness Class— where Alisa unpacks why Revelation Wellness Instructor Training might be for you even if you aren't planning to ever lead classes! Join us for this on June 30 at 2PM EST by clicking on this link:

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We also have some more great resources on EPOC training for you to explore:

Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption

Revwell TV: RevX Bodyweight Tabata 

Alisa's Spin Tabata


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Sunchyme - Dario G (6:19) 

Rock and Roll - Led Zeppelin (3:41)

King of My Heart (Instrumental) - Shane & Shane (4:25)

Rasputin (Extended Mix) - Majestic & Boney M. (5:15)

Embers - Solae (1:52)

Proud Mary - Tina Turner (5:27)

Build My Life (Instrumental) - Shane & Shane (7:25)

What I See (feat. Chris Brown) - Elevation Worship (4:36)

If I Was a Bird (feat. Jess Ray & Taylor Leonhardt) - Mission House (6:52)

Good News (Live) - Bryan & Katie Torwalt (4:27)

How Good the Lord is - Kingdom Culture Worship & Jessie-Rose Rayner (7:13)


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