If you're in need of rest, listen today to this gentle and encouraging conversation with Alisa and author, Asheritah Ciuciu, who shares how the pandemic was the catalyst to press into prayer from an unexpected place of overcoming anxiety. Asheritah, with her deep love for Jesus, calls us to remember God and His faithfulness and to press into His goodness. She offers practical tools to help begin a rhythm of prayer that brings lasting peace where rest stands for:

R - recite God's goodness

E - expressing God's goodness

S - seek His stillness

T - trusting His faithfulness

For more information about Asheritah, her podcast, and to get a copy of her newest book, you can visit these links:

Prayers of REST

One Thing Alone

Prayers of REST Podcast

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We also have these fantastic free resources to help get you started with the practice of prayer:

Weekly Prayer Call

REVING the Word: Pray

Be Still and Be Loved: Gentleness is Greatness


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