Join Alisa & Jennie Allen in today's podcast as they discuss the a question that is running through most of our heads as we start to come out of the pandemic - How do I make friends?  It's probably not something you ever thought you'd have to ask yourself, but we think it's safe to say that we are all feeling this to some degree & are not sure where to start.  Alisa & Jennie's conversation will give you the guidance & confidence you need as you navigate through building a life full of intentional friendships today.  

Jennie Allen, the breakout New York Times bestselling author of Get Out of Your Head and the founder of IF:Gathering—a discipleship ministry that reaches a million women a year—says the #1 question she is asked online is, “How do I make friends?”

Her new book, FIND YOUR PEOPLE: Building Deep Community in a Lonely World, is a timely and vital resource filled with real solutions for creating true community, the kind that is crucial to our mental and spiritual health. Not only do scientists confirm that consistent, meaningful connection is a major contributor to our well-being, but Allen says we are hardwired by God for deep relationships and Scripture gives us a vision for healthy community. Yet so many people still hide behind the walls of their homes and hearts, afraid to be vulnerable and transparent.

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