Join Alisa today in today's episode as she and Jonathan Evans talk about his new book, Your Time Is Now: Get What God Has Given You.  If you are wrestling with your purpose and call on your life, this is episode is for you!  We hope you will be encouraged and enjoy!

NFL chaplain and pastor Jonathan Evans remembers living life on “cruise control,” comfortable where he was, following in the footsteps of his well-known and respected father (Dr. Tony Evans), until one day he realized he didn’t know his own role or purpose in life. Jonathan didn’t wait to figure it out; he took action and pursued what God had in store for him. His new book, Your Time is Now: Get What God Has Given You, urges people to get out of the “comfort” rut and do the same.

Using the Old Testament leader Joshua as a model for stepping up to God’s calling, Evans tells readers to stop living at surface level, dig deeper, and step into their callings now, no matter what
obstacles stand in their way. “Now is the time for you to live out your purpose for God,” writes Evans. “Not when you’re older.
Not when you’ve settled down. Not when you feel like you’ve got nothing else to do...Now is your season.”

In Your Time is Now, Evans helps readers shift their perspectives from an outward concern about what the world thinks to an inward focus on the only One whose opinion really matters: God. No
matter the season they find themselves in or the challenges they face, readers will be encouraged by the truth that God can
and will use them and this season for His purpose, if only they intentionally and actively pursue Him.

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