Join Alisa and Jess Connolly in a conversation about her new book Breaking Free From Body Shame

According to a survey done by Glamour, 97 percent of women struggle with body image issues. Even after taking all of the different heights, weights, bone structures and metabolism rates into consideration – in addition to myriad other personality and physical traits that make a person unique – a sense of unhappiness with our bodies is the one element that can unite women everywhere. Each day, we hear that our bodies are bad.

But, what if 97 percent of women gave into another notion – that their bodies were good? That is exactly what bestselling author Jess Connolly challenges people to realize in her new book, Breaking Free from Body Shame: Dare to Reclaim What God Has Named Good. It’s a radical concept, but it’s one that Jess insists move to the forefront of our lives. Our bodies are not projects, our bodies are not supposed to endure constant scrutiny, abuse and hatred – our bodies can be appreciated, flaws and all, despite what the world says.

Jess takes readers on her own personal journey with the topic, seeking to discover how to break free from the beliefs that hold us back from living our fullest lives.

Whether someone struggles with eating or exercise habits, stress or trauma, infertility or injury, this book has space for tenderness from God. He will meet readers in that place and allow them to experience freedom in their bodies in an entirely new way.

With the kindness of a best friend who is holding your hand on each page, Jess insists with every fiber of her being: You are made and loved by God. He cannot make bad things. Believe that with your whole self.

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