Join Alisa in today's podcast as she interviews writer, Hannah Brencher.

Hannah Brencher knows that the clock striking midnight on December 31 isn’t going to magically reset any of our lives. 2021 isn’t the answer. Instead, we need to choose hope over the lies that we’re not good enough. We need to stay in the fight – the fight to show up, the fight to move forward, the fight to believe we can actually change this world for the better.

In Fighting Forward, Brencher shares personal stories of developing daily rhythms and sustainable faith in a culture of hustle. With a heap of hope for those who long to move from anxiety and fear into action steps, this book will encourage readers to savor the milestones they've already reached, root themselves in the next small step, welcome healthy routines into their day, and apply grace like sunscreen in the process of their own becoming. 


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