Known for her strength, passion, and mama-bear mentality, influential speaker and New York Times bestselling author Lisa Bevere started her ministry 30 years ago, feeling lost and alone. While she never had the benefit of learning from a mentor, she has lived her life becoming the mentor she always wanted and is now determined to rally other women so that future generations may grow in their wisdom, strength, and love.

In her new book, Godmothers: Why You Need One. How to Be One.  Lisa offers women a catalytic, transformative vision for women to live in a way that embraces the godmother—the older, wiser woman who will partner with a younger woman to help navigate life’s ups and downs.

“For three decades now, I’ve ministered to women,” writes Bevere. “It matters not whether I am in America, Egypt, Iraq, or Europe, women are hungry for more. They realize there is an aching need for deeper multigenerational connections. Both the young and the not-so-young mourn the gap but don’t always know viable ways to bridge or fill it.”

Called to minister to women, Bevere more easily related to the boys and wasn’t sure where to start. After asking God for a mentor for eight years, she heard him say “There will be no mentor for you.” Though disappointed, she knew what she was being called to do—to become the woman she so desperately longed for and to fill the gap for others.

“For far too many spiritual mothers and daughters, there is a yawning gap that has left both ends of the age spectrum at risk... You were not made to fill all these gaps yourself. You were made for a relationship with a godmother: a woman who worships the one true God and positions others both spiritually and practically to navigate their crucial and catastrophic seasons in life.”

Her most personal and powerful book yet, Godmothers draws from Bevere’s own life, biblical women, and the world of fairy tales to show women how to transform what they have to discover the fullness of who God created them to be. Readers will be challenged to live their best lives as daughters of God, by surrounding themselves with strong relationships and being confident in their callings.


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