In addition to her New York Times best-selling books, author and speaker Lisa Bevere is perhaps best known for her powerful and passionate teaching style. She’s been teaching from the stage for more than 30 years, inspiring women to follow her example and to become the women God calls them to be. In her new 90-day devotional, Strong: Devotions to Live a Powerful & Passionate Life, Lisa takes her teachings one step further, inspiring women to embark on a journey to grow deeper in their relationships with God in order to become the strong, powerful, passionate women they were created to be.

 “Strong is not wrong,” writes Bevere. “Too often Christian women are associated with weakness rather than strength. Sometimes religion has taught us to hide rather than to rise. It is true that we are called to be meek, but not weak.”

In Strong, Bevere examines 10 areas in which women can be strong and find strength: God, Spirit, purity, truth, relationships, battle, grace, self-control, freedom, and holiness. Each area contains nine devotionals that include Scripture, reflections and teaching, a prayer, and an anthem of strength.

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