Join Alisa with a down to earth and vulnerable conversation with Francie Winslow. Jesus captured Francie’s heart at a young age, and she has been on an adventure following Him since then, fueled by a love for His word and His presence. 

As a young woman Francie served in Mother Theresa’s home for the dying in Kolkata, sat in brothels with girls trapped in the sex trade of Chang Mai, slept in the bush of Namibia to reach tribal people and orphans with the Gospel of Jesus, visited the homes of the poor in the Dominican Republic, and helped with the rebuilding and development of a village in Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami.

For the past few years, Francie has been focused on writing and speaking about God’s good gift of intimacy in marriage.  She’s been featured on Christianity Today’s blog and Moody Radio, The God Centered Mom Podcast, as well as several other podcasts as she shares about the power of sex in marriage. Most recently, she’s launched a podcast called Heaven in Your Home where she talks all about sex, marriage and the mission of God.

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