Enjoy this REVING The Word podcast/workout with Alisa Keeton, the founder of Revelation Wellness. Push play the next time you go for a walk, run, hike, bike or anytime you are moving your body. Each podcast leads you through a coached workout while speaking God's word over your life and is supported by inspirational and uplifting music. Check out www.RevelationWellness.org for more ways you can use fitness as your tool to grow in love. 


Lovely Day - Bill Withers

I Like Me Better 0 Lauv

Still Rolling Stone - Lauren Daigle

Surprise Yourself - Jack Garratt

Breathe - Telepopmusik

Never Lost - Ramp Worship

Low Sun - Deep Forest

What A Beautiful Name - Hillsong

We'll All Be Free - William Matthews

Waiting On The World To Change - Lindsay Eli

Confident - Steffany Gretzinger

River Of Grace - Kristy Nockels



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