Attention all moms who feel overwhelmed, unqualified and scared out of your wits about raising small humans who will grow up into big ones. So perhaps you run to the gym to take control or to the pantry to seek comfort. Either way, we get it. And we are here to help your steward the struggle well. 
Join Alisa today as she has a heart to heart with Emily Thomas of the Mom Struggling Well podcast. They will discuss what it means to be a reluctant yet obedient _______ (fill in the blank). Grab a cup of coffee, throw your hair up in a messy bun and let this conversation bring courage to another day of reluctant cooking, carpooling, cleaning, and jockeying for joy in your safe by perhaps messy home. 
You're doing a good job! Keep going! The world needs your YES! 
Connect with Emily at or @momstrugglingwell on Instagram
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