We all have a story. Some of us come from broken places, finding that the love of God searches us out no matter the condition of our hearts. He finds us and slowly breaks us in as His very own who He longs for and belongs to.

Listen to today's podcast episode #189 with Revelation Wellness Ambassador, Ashley Boswell. Ashley has a very unique vision for how she "Revs" within her life calling. You will hear Ashley share with you her story of finding a wild horse with the hope of using gospel principles for restoration and transformation. You may be surprised to find many similarities between yourself and her wild horse, who turns into a prize winning contender.

God uses all things to get our attention - even a wild horse. This is an invitation to let God use in our lives whatever He might want to use to get our attention today, too.

Learn more about Shepherd Youth Ranch at https://www.facebook.com/ShepherdYouthRanch/?pnref=lhc and to follow Sozo's journey and more wild mustangs just like her check out the Revelation Horsemanship Facebook group. 

Find out more about Revelation Wellness by going to www.revelationwellness.org


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