If you know me (Alisa) very well, you’ll know that I love women and men who are all about raising up disciples. When I read Jennie Allen’s book “Nothing to Prove,” it rocked me to see God use an ordinary woman, flaws and all, to disciple a generation. Her story with Jesus echoed in my heart because in so many ways that is my story too, and no doubt yours in some way. He’s asking us to follow Him wholeheartedly, but in a way that is so much more about being and abiding than doing and making things happen on our own. 

As it so happens, I took a risk after reading her book and asked Jennie Allen to come on the Revelation Wellness Podcast. She said yes, and I’m so glad she did, because what she has to say in this episode is going to bless your socks off. 

You may know Jennie as the founder of IF: Gathering and IF: Equip, and as an author, her latest book being “Nothing to Prove,” which obviously I highly recommend. But today I’m asking you to sit down, plug in, and listen in on a conversation between Jennie and me. 

You’ll hear Jennie talk about the story of the IF: Gathering, the beauty and transformational power of suffering, how she struggled with and found healing from an eating disorder, how loving anything more than God keeps us in bondage, and how the posture of abiding can keep us from the temptation of wanting to do things for God instead of loving Him.

I was so helped by what she had to say, and I hope you listen to our newest episode with Jennie and hear God’s heart for you. I hope you hear in Jennie a woman who longs to see God’s glory spread far and wide, and that her story encourages you to press into Him in honest and bold ways. 

It’s all good stuff, friends. Don’t miss it. 


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