Today I invite you to go deeper into the pursuit for sexual purity. If you are a single woman following Jesus, you will want to hear this interview with my friend Jessica Vaughn. Jessica’s story of how Christ washed and called her clean is one that needs to be heard. She and I share similar “before Jesus became my Savior I was a hot mess” stories. I personally love and rejoice that she got her wake-up call to consecrate herself to God before she got married instead of getting the memo after marriage, like I did. Purity bings power, friends!

Whether you are currently single, plan to stay single, will be getting married or won’t be getting married, are just about to get married, or know someone who is fighting the battle to stay pure, this brand new podcast episode is for your listening hearts and ears.

Find out more about Jessica Vaughn by finding her on any of her social media channels @jessvaugh22 

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