In this episode we will talk about needs. Everyone has them and they are legitimate. It's when we try and meet legitmate needs in illegitmate ways that we become heavy hearted. Join Alisa as she helps bring clarity to this matter. And stay tuned all the way through for healing prayer at the end. God promised not to leave us like orphans. He will meet every need.

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These Reving The Word "Be Still & Be Loved" broadcasts are dedicated to training your heart and soul in the art of rest and stillness. Learning how to be still and rest is crucial to any well rounded physical fitness program and even more so to our faith. We can not give away what we don't have. Be still and know that you are loved.


Grace - Ambient

Healing Piano - Ambient

All The Way My Savior Leads Me - Chris Tomlin

Beautiful - Ryan Farish

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Enjoy this REVING The Word podcast/workout with Alisa Keeton, the founder of Revelation Wellness. Push play the next time you go for a walk, run, hike, bike or anytime you plan to move your body. Each podcast leads you through a coached workout while speaking God’s word over your life and is supported by inspirational music. Check out for more ways you can use fitness as your tool to train God’s love. 

In the Water -Gawvi

Pressure Off - Duran Duran

Power - Deitrich Haddon

All These Things I Have Done - The Killers

Spirit Move - Bethel Music

Blameless/ How He Loves Us - Dara Maclean

I Will Exalt - Bethel Music & Amanda Cook

All Fall Down - Rita Springer

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Today Alisa talks about what to drink. Although you may not be surprised by the answer, you will be surprised by why what we drink matters to us physically and spiritually. Jesus says "but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal." (John 4:14) Join us as we learn to drink from and for The Fountain of Living Water.  

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Find the person in the room who has the most hope and I'll show you a person who is most influential. Take a listen today as Alisa shares the final straw that got her to say her yes to God's heart for the fitness world. 


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Jesus said, "But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you." (John 14:26) Today, still...and receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit. Let the presence of God come upon you and love the hell out of you. He's been waiting to give you the more of Him.

WARNING: Revelation Wellness is not responsible for the wrecked-by-grace living and changes in appetite that may occur after this teaching. God is.:)

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Do you feel challenged by ongoing pain in your body? Take a listen as Alisa talks about chronic inflammation and what you can do to partner with God in keeping your inside body temperature set to "cool" - the place where peace like a river is found. 

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Today Alisa talks about hope. Not the wishy-washy, maybe God will, His will be done, kind of hope, but the kind of hope that's dangerous and delightful. We are all hardwired for this kind of hope. The reason that most resolutions to change never blossom is not that people lose discipline to change, it's because their hope gets extinguished and they figure "What's the point."  May this teaching root in you in hope that is stubborn and kind. 

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Today Alisa talks about food. In our modern western culture, we are consumed and inundated with information about what to eat. Which way is the right way? It's important we remember that no two people will eat the same, just like no two people are made the same. Take a listen to this podcast and find your peace and take back your power when it comes to food. 

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Join Alisa as she talks about how to set healthy & whole goals, why they often fail and what to do when we encounter a setback. These goal setting principles can be applied to any goal in your life, not just in the area of health and fitness. Alisa also shares with you her one BIG goal for 2017 and walks you through her personal whole-hearted process of setting that goal in alignment with the will of God for her life. 

Also, The Little Way - 30 -Days -Faith THEN Food And Fitness challenge is mentioned. Don't forget to sign up by Friday, January 6th at 12 pm EST. Any donation amount gets you in!

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